Papa George (to George Harrisson) Tommy Emmanuel

And again – as I did several years before – I enjoyed playing the guitars that belong to the owner of our guesthouse in Limburg (The Netherlands) So as a big ‘Thank You!’ I dedicate these guitar sounds to my brother in law and my wife’s sister. Just one take recordings (ok, one and a half, after all its holiday😉 This piece is played on his home build steel string guitar, tuned half step down in E flat.


Bach: Prelude BWV 1007

Working on Prelude from BWV 1007. I am thinking about selling my wonderful Contreras 1974 over a few months. No no, I don’t intend to stop playing Guitar…..just making a shift to a little more modest instrument which will fit my older getting muscles and bones ? Before selling it I like to record some of my favourites, so I’m getting back on study track…I’m also looking for a handy tool for video editing these .MOV files (split screen; cutting; text adding etc.) Any ideas? For recording I use iPad and/or Zoom Q3 HD Videorecorder.

Schindler’s List-Theme

I played this one on the 5th of may ( Dutch liberation day) 2020, to celebrate our75 years of freedom! Sime time ago I did the A theme, now I was inspired to finish it by playing the whole A-B-A scheme. This nice arrangement of Ton Huisman wich has a special tuning with lowered 5th and 6th string (E-B-G-D-G-C) was also the trigger for that.

3 songs played in a row:

Sheebeg and Sheemore (Th. O’Carolan); The water is wide (trad.) ; Hallelujah (L. Cohen)

A kind of medley of three songs which in my opinion blend very well together. The first two tunes I loosely based on Michael Langer editions. They all have the same key of D Major with Drop-D tuning. That gives it a sonore and warm sound. It’s played on a Falu guitar which I like very much. I used this guitar during the years while I was teaching and at this reunion I’m again amazed how easy and sound full she responds.